About Us


Founded in 2007, VoozAd is the brain child of nearly a decade of Internet experience culled from around the world.  Our unique international focus has helped us to establish a strong presence in the North America, UK, Australia, Europe, and in the wider business community at large.  With varied clients and partners, we seek to continually build relationships that bridge gaps and create more opportunities for businesses actively involved in marketing, advertising, and lead generation.

VoozAd offers a full suite of online media solutions from leading companies in online advertising and marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search and other areas to form a world-class Internet marketing powerhouse. The combined expertise and experience we offer enables us to deliver a robust selection of innovative services to our publishing, advertising and agency partners, all backed by our united commitment to exemplary results.


Recognizing the expanding needs of an increasingly diverse Internet community, VoozAd strives to harness its robust, technological expertise in order to offer comprehensive marketing solutions for companies interested in profitable growth.  We customize innovative lead generation tools designed to increase visibility, enhance exposure, and produce measurable and demonstrable results for our clients and partners. We build symbiosis between clients, partners and interested internet audience which allows for a more efficient, more interactive marketplace that benefits all players, regardless of their immediate needs across Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Email Marketing and Lead generation.

VoozAd offers innovative, flexible and cost effective online media solutions that are designed to help you achieve both your immediate goals and your long-term objectives.

Whether you are an advertiser, publisher or agency, our family of leading online media properties can tailor a solution for you that crosses over multiple online marketing and advertising strategies and delivers the results you need.