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Blogs are a quick, smart and cost-effective way to boost traffic to your website and get higher ranking in top search engines. Our blog writing service has been designed to meet your SEO needs for promoting your business online. You can promote your products and services through blogs and establish a communication platform with existing and potential customers.

If time is a constraint for you for developing your blog, we are at your service with a team of professional blog writers, experienced in writing blogs on a variety of subjects. Watch your business grow as you express, share and connect with people around the world.

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Blog (300-400 words) Number of Blogs/Month Rate/Month  

1 Blog/week

4 $80.00
3 Blogs/week 12 $225.00
5 Blogs/week 20 $350.00

Blog Writer Full time (per month) 40,000 words: $1,100
Blog Writer Part time (per month) 20,000 words: $700


How can a blog help my business/ website?
Blogs build a regular traffic to your website as people keep coming back to read the posts that are updated on a regular interval. Search engines also value websites that have blogs, as the content is updated regularly. Other bloggers who find your blog post to be of interest to them will link back to your blog, thus, helping in natural link building.

Besides adding a human element to your online business, blogs provide your business with a free promotional platform. It informs and educates your existing clients and potential clients about the latest product/ service information from your company, also helping in building your brand image.

I can write myself. Why should I hire a professional blog writer?
Firstly, you save time. Blog posts can't be written in minutes, you'll need to think about them and spend quite a considerable amount of time in writing them. Why not utilize this time in building your business, and leave the blog writing part to the experts?

Secondly, you won't have to worry about writer's block as our professional blog writers are never short of ideas for what to write for the next post. You can rest assured that they will develop original and plagiarism free blog posts that are also free from grammatical and spelling errors, etc.

How will you develop my blog?
We will first understand your business and try to find out what interests your target audience the most. Our blog writers will then develop posts that are relevant to your business and useful for your target audience.

How often should I update my blog?
You can update your blog daily or weekly, depending upon your need to communicate with your target audience. Check out our blog writing packages.

Will you upload the posts to my blog and add pictures or videos as necessary?
Yes, our writers can also upload the blog posts to your blog and add copyright free pictures or those provided by you, with each post or as and when required.

SEO Benefits of Blogging
First of all, when you decide to start a blog, make sure it is for the right reasons, that is, for business and communication. But why not enjoy the SEO benefits too?

Blogging definitely helps you to improve your ranking in search engines! Read on to know how:

Increase Visibility
Most blog software encourages interaction with the community through trackback features and comments. If you get loyal and active blog readers, your website's visibility will increase as they will talk about your blog in their own blogs, comments, forums, and wherever it's relevant.

Build Link Popularity
You'll be able to build more link popularity for your website through links to RSS feed URLs as they use the domain name of your blog. Your website will also get higher traffic through embedded links when other blogs syndicate and cite the RSS content of your blog.

Blog posts that offer valuable content and are search engine friendly at the same time will be linked back by people who find them useful, thus, becoming an inbound link magnet.

Search engines give preference to contextually relevant links that result from interaction within the blog community.

Enhance Ranking
Updated Content - Often blogs achieve a solid ranking in search engines much faster than regular websites. This is because search engines give preference to websites that have frequently updated content. Besides, it's easier to update content on a blog than on a website. So, publish the blog to your domain such as to enhance your website's rankings in search engines.

Easily Crawlable URLs - The uncomplicated URL structures of most of the blogs make it easy for search engine robots to crawl them faster, resulting in higher rankings.

Internal Links - Through blog posts that talk about a company's products or services, a website can get deep link anchor texts that point to product or sales pages within the website.

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