Manual Directory Submission Service

Manual Directory Submission Service

We manually submit websites to 100s of quality, non-reciprocal, search engine friendly directories to build life long one-way links, get targeted visitors and improve search engine rankings.

By utilizing directory submission services, you can enjoy two core benefits:

  • Additional targeted traffic to your site from these directories
  • Quality one way links which improves your site´s ranking in various search engines

Manual Directory Submission is a straight-forward simple to understand internet marketing activity which can be performed by any web site owner. However, if you wish to do it yourself, you will have to invest considerable time and effort, which can be more wisely invested in growing your business.

You may end up investing several valuable work-days doing it yourself and also face the fatigue of doing the same thing over and over again!

Alternatively, you can have VoozAd do the directory submissions for you for less than 20 cents per directory submission!

Return on Investment Analysis (ROI)

Before we proceed, lets make some Assumptions (worst case scenario):

  • Consider our directory submission deal of 700 directories for USD 124.95
  • Consider only 50% directories accept your site submission
  • Further you can safely consider that every directory which accepts your website will send your way at least 4 visitors in an entire year! (yes, just 4 visitors in 365 days)

So you still get 350 x 4 = 1400 unique visitors in an entire year at a cost of USD 124.95 i.e. one unique visitor for less than 10 cents! And we thought it was the worst case scenario!

Now consider the following additional advantages:

  • Improved rankings due to one way links (anyone who knows Search Engine Optimization, knows how important are one way static links for improving website rankings)
  • Any additional visitor due to more directories accepting you (a 100% possibility as we have more than 95% acceptance rate)
  • Any additional visitor (coupled with the multiplying effect of the above case) that these directories will send your way above the "under-estimated" four visitors a year.
  • The opportunity to get the most out of our directory submission service by keeping track of your site?s submission & getting in touch with the people who do it!

Convinced? Then what are you waiting for! Choose the package of your choice right away and place your order now!


Package Duration Price  

150 PR 4 and above Directories

12 Days $49.95

250 PR 3 and above Directories

18 Days $74.95

500 Various PR Directories

21 Days $99.95
700 Various PR Directories
28 Days $124.95

Do you want us to go slow with the submissions and submit your website to the above directories over a period of few months rather than days? Click here

If you have any question about your order or wish to speak to someone before placing your order, feel free to drop us an email at or call us at the following numbers:

US & Canada: (414) 455.6635| UK: (020) 81332585 | Rest of the World: +91-33-23576070

Read our Directory Submissions Guidelines


Manual Hand Submission

Ensures that your site is submitted to the right category, in proper compliance with the directory´s submission rules. Thus, you enjoy higher acceptance rate.

Only Search Engine Friendly "Free" Directories

Helps you to get quality life long one way links without having to spend any extra money or providing any link from your site.

Elaborate Submission Details Form

Allows you to provide up to 10 different titles and descriptions along with various details about your site. Our experts will help you to fill up this form so that you can provide accurate details and make the best use of our directory listing services.

Upto Ten Unique Site Titles And Descriptions Allowed

Avoid duplication of content and gain maximum SEO advantage from your submission services.

Detailed Final Submission Report

Helps to identify the exact category and PR of the directory where we have submitted your site. Click here to view a sample of the final submission report.

Monthly Progress Report

Track the progress your site has made after we have carried out the submission. Click here to view a sample of the monthly progress report.

Client Login Section

Keep track of your order and get directly in touch with the expert who is submitting your site. You can also place new orders and download final submissions report.

How Do We Do It?

We have an in-house team of internet marketing professionals who will carry out the directory listings. You simply need to fill up a 'Submission Details' Form after placing an order with us and we will submit your website. While carrying out the submissions, we take special care of the following-

We do not submit to bad neighbourhoods, which might get you penalized from search engines.
Every directory is tested for Search Engine Friendliness before being included in our database of directories. Thus you can be sure of ONLY quality links when we submit your site.

We do not do automated submission, which is again not going to be even half as efficient as manual directory submission by a real expert who has the capability to respond to the feedback of the directory.

So, you can see for yourself that what we do is not a rocket science and anyone with time and patience can do it. But, why not utilize your precious time by promoting your business and letting us do the directory submissions for you. Place your order right away and enjoy the numerous benefits of our services!

Directory Submission FAQ's

What are directories?

In general, Directories are an alphabetical list of names and addresses. An online directory is like a virtual yellow page which includes a list of websites and online services. They are popular search destinations.

Why do I need directory listing? Or what are the advantages of directory listing?

    The advantages of submitting your website on online directories are manifold:

    You get submitted in the specific category you belong to. This allows you to directly tap your prospective customers. A great way to get good one-way links is with our directory Submission service.

    You get submitted directly in Search Engines. Again, as the number of directories in which you are listed increases, your rankings in Search Engines also improve.

    This submission proves to be valuable if your website has very high volume of flash and other images and very little textual elements for search engines to index and crawl through.

    Thus, Directory Submission will not just increase your traffic but will also help in the optimization of your site!
    How many online directories are there?

    There is no exact count, but it is believed that there are approximately 10000 online directories. VoozAd will submit your listing in the top 700 directories. They have been classified on the basis of their page rank, number of listings and the diversification of directory listings.

    How do I get listed on these directories?

    Every directory allows you to add your listing. One is required to fill up a form and it is only after proper evaluation that one gets listed on them.

    How can listing on these directories help improve my rankings in Search Engines?

    Search Engines look for new listings in online directories. The more directories you are listed in, the more hits you are expected to get. Thus, search engines quickly index the link to your site on these directories and your rankings improve.

    Why do I need help for listing on these directories?

    There are many constraints which you will face if you try to submit your website directly to online directories.
    Collecting the database of such directories.

    Understanding the submission form and the procedure.

    Ensuring that your submission is accepted and thus a high success rate.

    Again, directory submission is a very time consuming process and you will have to dedicate a lot of effort and time, which you can, otherwise, utilize in your business.

    Thus, hiring someone to submit your listing in online directories saves a lot of time and effort, apart from also ensuring a high success rate.

    Can I see the list of directories before ordering a package?

    Of course you can. Contact us right here.

    Are all the directories in your list SEO Friendly?

    Yes, all the directories on our list are SEO-friendly. We constantly verify each and every one of them in our database to see their SEO compatibility.

    The directories look very similar to each other. Do I need to submit to all of them individually?
    Yes. You have to submit to all of them since no two directories are exactly the same. They will each give your website a distinct link.

    Each directory is valued independently by the search engines. Since each link coming from the directories would be counted as a separate and unique link, individual submission value is worth the effort.

    How can you help me with your directory listing services?

    There are almost 10000 directories online. We have a large database of such directories and are aware of their quality. Also we have a lot experience with regards to directory submissions, ensuring a high success rate. Thus, by availing our services, you get listed in the best of directories, within a matter of days and also enjoy high success rate.

    How long will it take for me to get listed?

    Depends from directory to directory, but in general, it takes approximately a fortnight to two months.

    We hope to have addressed all your doubts and queries! So, choose your desired package and place your order now! In case you have further queries please feel free to write to us at