Featured Listing Program

Featured Listing Program

If you're tired of click fraud, finding good keywords, bidding against competitors with deep pockets, and spending more on a PPC campaign in a month than on your business, then read on.

VoozAd in association with ExactSeek and the ISEDN (Independent Search Engine & Directory Network) gives you a Features Listing Program. Exactseek is able to provide a flat rate keyword program that offers webmasters & siteowners Top 10 Exposure across a rapidly growing network of search engines and web directories at low, one-tïme, flat fee rates. We provide the only alternative to Google AdWords that delivers solid value and true benefits.

Add Your Website to ExactSeek's Natural Search Results right now to Build Quality Backlinks and Improve Your Site's Rankings!

How is Our Program Different From Google AdWords


That's not all, you will also receive 4 Bonus Downloads, worth over $90, totally free with every order you place through VoozAd.com. The bonuses you will receive are:


Paid inclusion listings are currently priced at $24.95 for the first URL purchased and $14.95 for each additional URL. As noted above, once added, paid inclusion listings are crawled and re-crawled every 24 hours for one year.

Add Your Site to ExactSeek Featured Listing Program

Rapid Paid Inclusion Program

We are also happy to give you ExactSeek's new Rapid Paid Inclusion program, which allows webmasters to submit any number of URL's with assured inclusion in the ExactSeek database for a period of one year. This program will be of particular interest to webmasters interested in:

  1. 1. Fast site inclusion (24 hours).
  2. 2. Frequent recrawls (every 24 hours).
  3. 3. No restrictions on the number of URL's submitted.
  4. 4. Site listings that appear in the natural / organic (vs. sponsored) search results.
  5. 5. Search Impression and Ranking Reports.
  6. 6. Checking the effect of SEO changes on site ranking every 24 hours.
  7. 7. Backlinks from a growing number of search engines, directories and web sites.

Add Your Site to ExactSeek Rapid Paid Inclusion Program

If you have any doubts or queries, you can get in touch with us at info@VoozAd.com.

About ExactSeek Search Network

ExactSeek currently powers search for 15 search engines and that number is expected to grow rapidly in the coming months, providing webmasters who have purchased paid inclusion listings worldwide exposure and backlinks.