Link Prism Service

Link Prism Service

Our brand new Link Prism service lets you take all the advantages - and see the benefits faster. The Prism is an outstanding way of building relevant links and boosting your incoming traffic with extra speed, making it perfect for campaigns that require a significant boost in your site's SEO potential as quickly as possible. When you book a Prism campaign from VoozAd, you can guarantee:

  • Quick raises in targeted traffic to your site
  • A rapidly built set of long term one way links that boost your SEO potential

The Link Prism works by building a cascading series of links between the directory sites your site is submitted to. As with all manual submissions, you could do this yourself if you had the time - but the work is repetitive and involved, and can be performed faster and more efficiently by our own teams of submissions professionals. In cost terms, you'll find that you are getting an absolute minimum (this is based on a worst case scenario calculation) of one new unique site visitor for every 6p you spend: so why go to all the effort of building a Link Prism yourself, when you could be better employed looking after your business?

Link Prism Packages - Special introductory offer

Package Price  

Link Prism Service - Normal
Promote 5 Supporting profiles


Link Prism Service - Express
Promote 10 Supporting profiless


Link Prism Service - Benefits

When you let VoozAd do the grunt work for you, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Improved site rankings thanks to the increased proliferation of valuable links we generate for you.
  • Guaranteed manual submission at all times. We never submit automatically. All of your Link Prism submissions are made by hand by expert submissions professionals, who are trained to make sure your submissions are categorised in compliance with each directory's house rules.
  • Only free directories are used, which means you never have to pay extra costs for our service.
  • Our unique submission details form allows you to specify up to 10 unique titles and descriptions, cutting down on duplicated content and ensuring high SEO advantages from every campaign.
  • A final submission report, which shows in detail the exact categorisation of all your submissions in every accepting directory.
  • A monthly progress report so you can see the long term effects of your Link Prism - long after your campaign has finished.
  • Client Login/PMS to track current progress of all open campaigns, and to contact your personal submissions expert.

How Do We Do It?

We employ a highly motivated team of expert submissions professionals - and we run our own unique database of search engine friendly, free directories. In addition, we stick to three golden rules:

We never submit to bad neighbourhoods - a practice that can have your site blacklisted by some search enginess
We always test new directories for search engine friendliness before we submit your site. That way we can ensure that your Link Prism generates only quality links
We never automate your submissions Automatic submission is responsible for a serious drop in the success rate of your campaign. All of our submission is manual, which is why we have that 95% average acceptance rate

When you have chosen the package that sounds right for you, just click "subscribe" - we'll send you a submission details form immediately.

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