Advanced Link Building Services

Advanced Link Building Services

PayPerLink is an ideal link building option if you are looking for an affordable, transparent and high quality solution for getting links from relevant sites.

PayPerLink is a traditional link building service, which can be fully customized to suit your needs. You can opt for either 2 way or 3 way link exchange campaigns. The service also ensures transparency and cost control, as you only pay for the links actually generated to your site. Thus, it is a very cost effective and efficient medium of getting desired rankings in various search engines.

Apart from huge cost control, you also enjoy the following core benefits:

  • Quality search engine friendly links from relevant sites.
  • All the links are Anchor Text Links. Thus, allowing you to make maximum SEO use of our PayPerLink Service.
  • Links would be from pages cached by Google.
  • All the Links are permanent life long links. If any of your links, generated by us, are removed within 12 months, we will replace the same, free of cost!
  • You can provide us with up to 5 different titles and descriptions. These will be used randomly to help you gain the maximum SEO advantage.
  • Opportunity to generate deep links, by get links to various inner pages of your site.
  • The exchange process is 100% manual, carried out by our trained in-house experts.
  • These quality search engine friendly links will be of BIG help in improving your site´s ranking in search engines.

How Does The Service Works?

The service is very simple and can be totally customized to suit your requirements. The basic structure of the service is as follows:

1. You pay us a small set up fee for getting us to start working on your project. A resource page would then be created.

2. Our team of trained online marketing professionals will search for sites relevant to your service / product and contact their webmasters directly via email correspondence.

3. After connection is established with the Webmasters, a link to your site will first be obtained from their site. Once that is done, a return link will be provided to them.

4. Invoices will be raised on generation of every 10 new links.

Note: We can either carry out reciprocal link exchange, by setting up a resource page on your site or can, alternatively, carry out a three way link exchange, by providing out bound links from another partner site. The partner side can be provided by you or we can also arrange for the same, subject to availability and extra set up fees.

If you want us to provide you with a partner site, then please get in touch with our experts at


Initially, you pay a mere $100 as Set up fees and the rest of the payment will be made based on the links we generate for you, which would again depend upon the PageRank of the pages from which links are generated.

The prices of various PR links are:

  • PR 0 - $2 per link
  • PR 1 - $6 per link
  • PR 2 - $8 per link

In order to get started, please place an order with us by paying the up front one-time set up fees, by clicking the 'Buy Now' in the table below. Once we receive your payment, you will be contacted by our Project Coordinators who will take your project further.

So, order our Pay Per Link Package now and watch your traffic stream grow by leaps and bounds!

Package Price  

Pay Per Link Package
(One Time Up Front Setup Fees)



Featured listings in, and

Social Bookmarking of your site in 50 PR 6 and above directories, absolutely FREE!!

If you have any question about your order or wish to speak to someone before placing your order, feel free to drop us an email at or call us at any of the following numbers:

US & Canada: (414) 455.6635| UK: (20) 81332585 | Rest of the World: +91-33-32902857

But is Traditional Link Building Still Relevant?

Most of the experts have lately written off link exchange as obsolete and discarded by various Search Engines. But we beg to disagree with them. We still consider the method very useful, as it continues to prove its worth for most of our own sites and those of our numerous clients. We have achieved Top 10 positions in most Search Engines because of link exchange only. This is because you still need valuable inbound links from relevant websites to boost your search engine rankings.