PDF Submission Service

PDF Submission Service

Our PDF submission service means you can use our team of experts to boost your site's SEO presence. Take advantage of the search engine's newfound abilities to examine your site's embedded files as well as its content and you'll find you are getting:

  • Brand new targeted traffic
  • High quality one way links

While manual PDF submission can technically be done by anyone, it can be a drag for businesses that have more important things on their mind (like developing new products, running marketing campaigns and looking after services). When you use our team of submissions professionals, your PDF submission is done by a personal submissions expert, who is quick, reliable and has access to a database of friendly directories. And for just 6p per unique visitor (in an absolute worst case scenario), the investment is well worth it!


  • Instantly improved SERP rankings thanks to the increased number of static one way links.
  • Additional new site visitors thanks to our high (95% average) acceptance rate in friendly directories.
  • A presence across hundreds of directories.
  • A friendly point of contact for all your questions and reports.
  • Genuine manual submissions for every directory. That means your files are correctly categorised in every directory we submit to on your behalf, which increases your chances of acceptance.
  • No hidden costs at any time: we only use search engine friendly free directories, so you never have an extra charge to pay.
  • An extensive submission details form designed to allow you 10 unique titles and descriptions and PDF. That means less chance of duplicated content and a higher SEO potential.
  • Detailed final report for your PDF submission campaign - showing exactly where and how your files have been submitted and categorised.
  • An extra monthly progress report designed to give you the bigger picture. See how your campaign has affected your month to month statistics after the event.
  • A member login area for instant access to current performance reports - and to your personal submissions expert.

Turn Around Time: 7 working days.

PDF Submission Packages - Special introductory offer

Package Price  

15 PDF Submission Service
Turn Around Time: 5 working days


30 PDF Submission Service
Turn Around Time: 7 working days


How do we do it?

Our PDF Submission service is the best in its class when it comes to auditing any website. We do a comprehensive study of the website before giving actionable recommendations to the clients. The PDF Submission process includes:

VoozAd has spent time collecting the most experienced and reliable submissions experts - and building an unmatched database of search engine friendly free directories. For your peace of mind, we always follow three basic rules:

  • We never make a PDF submission to a bad neighbourhood
  • We always test new directories for search engine friendliness before including them in our active database
  • We never perform automated submissions, which have a much lower success rate than our own constant 95% average

If you'd like to start submitting your PDFs with a 95% chance of acceptance and success, just choose the package that is right for you and click subscribe - or get in touch with us to speak to a customer services representative.

For more information on our PDF Submission Service please feel free to contact us at info@VoozAd.com.