PPT Submission Service

PPT Submission Service

Our PPT submission service lets you take advantage of manual submission of PPT files to hundreds of search engine friendly file directories. In every case our submissions are directed to search engine friendly, free directories guaranteed to bring you valuable lifelong one way links. In fact, you'll get:

  • Targeted traffic to your site
  • High quality one way links that increase your search engine visibility

A manual PPT submission can be done by anyone - but its better when it's done by us. That's because we've developed the database and the expertise to make sure that of all the directories your files are submitted to, an average 95% of them accept and index you in the right categories. Use VoozAd to do the indexing for you and you get guaranteed manual cataloguing of all your files - plus you get all that time back to do something useful, like running your business and developing your products and services!

Our PPT submission service works out at less than 10p per submission - and in the worst case scenario you'll get one new unique site visitor for every 6p you spend!


The benefits of our manual PPT submissions procedure are massive. You'll get:

  • Improved search engine rankings through one way lifelong links: the ultimate goal of SEO.
  • Additional visitors and a 95% success rate on acceptances.
  • Friendly, contactable help at all times, thanks to our team of submissions experts.
  • Guaranteed manual submission to ensure that your files are always submitted into the correct categories.
  • Free directories, always search engine friendly - so there are no hidden costs.
  • A submission details form that lets you choose as many as 10 titles and descriptions - allowing you to avoid content duplication and increase your SEO potential. Your submissions expert can help you fill in the form but the PPT presentation should be provided from your end.
  • A detailed final submissions report that shows exactly how your site has been categorised in the directories.
  • A bonus monthly report, which lets you track the effectiveness of your campaign after it has finished. Follow your PPT submission campaign and see how far reaching its effects are.
  • A member login, where you can track the progress of your current campaigns and talk with your personal submissions expert.

Turn Around Time: 5 working days.

PPT Submission Packages - Special introductory offer

Package Price  

25 PPT Submission Service
Turn Around Time: 5 working days


50 PPT Submission Service (express service)
Turn Around Time: 7 working days


How Do We Do It?

VoozAd has spent a lot of time building a dynamic and fast working submission team - and an exhaustive database of friendly directories. All you have to do is fill out your submission details form, send us the PPT presentation - we'll do the rest. Remember:

  • We never submit to bad neighbourhoods, which can get you blacklisted
  • We always check a new directory to make sure it is free and SEO friendly, before adding it to our database
  • We never do automated submissions - these are ineffective and a waste of your money. All of our submissions are handmade for greater effectiveness: hence our 95% hit rate!

If you'd like to talk to us about PPT submission, feel free to get in touch - or, if you're ready to place your order, just click "subscribe" by the package that best fits your needs.

For more information on our PPT Submission Service please feel free to contact us at info@VoozAd.com.