Press Release Distribution Service

Press Release Distribution Service

Have you recently launched a new product or service and want your audience to take note of it?
Achieved something special which you desire to share with your stakeholders?

All you need is to write a good informative Press Release about the event and buzz it 1000s of websites across the web. For this, you need to distribute your press release to 10s of high quality press release distribution sites.

Press Release Distribution has for the following major advantage:

  • Helps you to boost your credibility, as you can have a detailed interaction with your target audience.
  • It spreads like Viral Marketing without any effort from your end. All you need to do is that you submit your Press Release to some good Press Release Distribution sites & it will be picked up & published at other places automatically!
  • Press Release distribution also helps you to build quality one way links to your site from high traffic sites. Thus, getting your site optimized organically.

We can write a good informative Press Release for you and distribute the same to 100 Press Release Distribution websites for only $104.99. For this small amount, you can promote your website without having to pay for any ad space at all!

So place your order now and enjoy phenomenal online media coverage.



Package Duration Price  

50 PR Distribution websites

8 Days $49.95

100 PR Distribution websites

12 Days $74.95

Press Release Writing

3 Days $30.00

If you have any question about your order or wish to speak to someone before placing your order, feel free to drop us an email at or call us at the following numbers:

US & Canada: (414) 455.6635| UK: (20) 81332585 | Rest of the World: +91-33-32902857


What is a Press Release?
It is a document prepared in a standard format that is intended for the purpose of informing the media about an event, development or an introduction in general related to your product, service or company.

Why do I need to distribute a Press Release?
Press Release Distribution is an effective way of online marketing. It is a great method of conveying your news to your target audience. It reaches a large and constantly increasing number of decision-makers, which makes it an interesting medium for corporate communications.

Will you write my Press Release for me?
Yes, for a reasonable fee, our experienced content developers will write a professionally crafted press release to attract most attention.

What will be the word count of my Press Release?
Normally your press release will have 400-600 words.

What if I don't like the Press Release written by you for me?
We will make necessary changes according to your feedback and will continue to do so till you are fully satisfied with the quality of the work. We will distributed the press release only after your approval.

Where will my press release be distributed?
We will submit your site to all the major free Press Release distribution / syndication sites, who will, in turn, blast your press release across the web to all the major search engines and to thousands of other sites and journalists. You can have a look at the list of the sites where we will be submitting your press releases to by sending across your request to us.

How long will my press release stay on these sites?
It depends from site to site. However, you Press Release will be, in general, stay on a site for a year before being archived / deleted as per the site’s rules.

How soon after you have submitted my release will it go live?
It again depends from site to site. However, normally, it takes 48-hours to a week to approve an article during normal business days.

Will I get a final submission report? If yes, then what will the report comprise of?
We provide all our clients with a detailed final distribution report along with the confirmation mail at the end of distribution, which includes things like:

List of all sites where your Press Release is distributed.
Their Page Rank
Exact categories

Can I delete a Press Release once it has been sent out?
No. Once a press release has been sent out it has been made public and therefore cannot be taken back. Please make sure that the press release contains accurate information before sending it to distribution sites.

If you have any question about your order or wish to speak to someone before placing your order, feel free to drop us an email at or call us at the following numbers:

US & Canada: (414) 455.6635| UK: (20) 81332585 | Rest of the World: +91-33-32902857