SEO Audit Service

SEO Audit Service

Does your website generate business? You are a good product or service company but your website isn't helping to add volume to your business. Your competitors are benefiting from the power of the Internet even though you have better products and services. Is this upsetting you?

The reason for this is that people do not find you on the search engines when they search for products and services relating to your business. It is time for you to call the experts. You need Technologies' SEO Audit Service to know whether your website has competitive advantage over your competitors in terms of search engine rankings.

Our SEO Audit Service includes:

  • Analysis of your website(s) by experts with vast knowledge on SEO domain.
  • Complete SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats) Analysis of your website.
  • Detailed report of the factors affecting your website's search engine ranking.
  • Analyzing the pros and cons of the current state of optimization in your website.
  • Giving actionable recommendations and easy to understand technical advice.
  • A detail report on Competitor Analysis

Turn Around Time: 5 working days. However if it is urgent we do it within 3 working days. For that you have to pay a minimum fees of $25 extra

SEO Audit Packages - Special introductory offer

Package Price  

SEO Audit Service
Turn Around Time: 5 working days


SEO Audit Service (express service)
Turn Around Time: 3 working days


SEO Audit Service in Detail

Our SEO Audit service is the best in its class when it comes to auditing any website. We do a comprehensive study of the website before giving actionable recommendations to the clients. The SEO Audit process in includes:

Analysis of Performance: In this process we take into account factors like Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic, Site-Load Speed Measurement, Search Engine Rankings, .Search Volumes on Keywords. This helps up is analyzing the performance of your website in it's present form.

Factor Analysis: This is the most important part of the job where we strip down your website and look for factors which are affecting traffic. This includes on page and off page factors.

On-Page Factors: In the on page factors we take into account things like meta title, tags, description, sitemap, content, html navigation, URL structure, navigation structure, keyword etc. This helps us in giving you actionable recommendations on optimization of the website.

Off-Page Factors: As a part of our off page factor analysis we take into consideration the age of the domain, inbound links, indexed pages and dmoz listing.

Competition Analysis: This is also one important factor included in our SEO Audit Service. We take into account the optimization techniques used by your competitors to give you a better search engine position.

Recommendations: We give you a list of detailed recommendations which are actionable. These recommendations will help you better your search engine positioning and have competitive advantage over your rivals.


1.Why SEO Audit Service?
Search engine optimization is more like business than math. The rules and tricks keep on changing and adaptability is the only way to grow. No matter how good your optimization is, it will become obsolete in a short span of time. SEO Audit helps you in identifying your strengths and areas of weakness.

2.What SEO Audit Service Includes?
It includes complete analysis of current SEO techniques and taking measures to ensure you have competitive edge in the market. It comes with a thorough analysis of the website's SEO history and actionable recommendations for further growth.

3.How Is The Audit Done?
Our experts carry out thorough analysis of the website and look into all the important parameters that affect a website's performance. Keyword Analysis, back links, Dmoz Listing, meta tag analysis, URL structure, inbound links go through the eyes of our experts. Clients are given easy to understand technical feedback and actionable recommendations.

4.What Will Be The Report Like?
You will get a 15 page PDF Document which will have the complete review and recommendations for your website.

5.How Much Time Does It Take?
It will take us 5 working days to carry out the detailed analysis of the website and give your actionable recommendations. However if you have urgency we will do it within 3 working days. For that you need to pay a minimum amount of $25 extra.

6.Is It A One Time Process?
Audit itself is periodic process be it financial or SEO. We recommend you to have your site go through a SEO Audit once every six months. You can avail huge discounts in your subsequent audit process with us

7.What about confidentiality of my website?
Maintaining the confidentiality of a client is a part of our job. Your audit report will be kept confidential as all our employees are bound by a confidentiality clause as a part of their employment.

8.Do you require FTP access?
We do not require access to your FTP to carry out the SEO Audit. The audit process will simply be carried out monitoring the front end of your website.

For more information on our SEO Audit Service please feel free to contact us.