SEO Glossary

SEO Glossary

ALT text:
When you move your mouse over the top of an image or a picture on a web page,if a text appears then that is known as ALT text.

Anchor Text:
It is the clickable text of a hyperlink and is also known as Linking Text.

Application Programming Interface. It is used to access an application or a service from a program.

Article Submission:
It is an ethical tool used by the webmasters to get one way quality links to their website. The articles usually contain some promotional text that is relevant and so the people are encouraged to publish it with the specific link back URL.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange. I case of text files in computers as well as on the Internet,it is the most common format. According to this, each  alphabetic, numeric, or special character is represented with a 7-bit binary  number (a string of seven 0s or 1s). 128 possible characters are defined.

A Unique Visitor:

It refers to a new person or computer that connects to your Websites server. It is different from pages hits or requests.

Below the fold:
It is the content of a web page that is not seen by the consumer unless the consumer scrolls down. ( mainly required in SEO).

Black Hat: 
It is a kind of SEO strategy used by certain websitesto deceive search engine algorithm in order to achieve high page rankings.Such BLACK HAT websites employ techniques like keyword or link-spamming, cloaking etc and they are banned or penalized if and when detected by search engines.

CPC or Cost Per Click: 
The price that an advertiser bears for each click of his ads.

CPM or Cost per thousand impressions: If 1000 visitors is sens to a website through advert views or banner then that is referred to as COST PER 1000 IMPRESSIONS or CPM.

CTR or Click through rate: For every 100 email you send, you tend to to get 2 people who actually make a positive decision to visit your site or make a purchase, this is the CLICK THROUGH RATIO or CTR.

Contextual Advertising: These are advertising programs which display and generate on specific advertisements on relevant sites which are based on the specific content of the web page. The first and still popular advertising site is Google AdSense.

Conversion: It is the the account or measure of the measurable goal that is achieved on a web site and it varies from website to website.

Cascading Style Sheets, Many new websites use it to create rules for the items on a website.

Deep Link Ratio: Deep link points to an internal page within a website. And DEEP LINK RATIO is the number of internal pages that are linked from other web site's most targeted page to your web site's most targeted page.

Directory Submission:
A Web Directory is like a virtual yellow page which includes a categorized list of websites and online services. Directory submission is considered as an effective link building method. Through this you can get your website submitted in the specific category it belongs to and this allows you to directly tap your prospective customers. It's a great way to get good one-way anchor-text links. It not only increases your traffic but also helps in the optimization of your site.

Doorway or Gateway Page:
It is a kind of web page which helps to get Internet traffic from search engines and then on people gets directed to another website.

File Transfer Protocol. Used to transfer files from your computer to the server where your website is hosted.

Google Index: Database of sites which have been discovered by Google and is used to retrieve information during a search to facilitate fast and accurate information retrieval. Without an index, the search engine would scan every document on the net, which would require considerable time and computing power.

One single request (visitor) made to your Web site server.

Hypertext Markup Language.It is the most common form of coding used to build web pages.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It proceeds the domain name in a URL.

An incoming link that comes from another site to your site is INBOUND LINK or IBL.

Java Script, used in conjunction with creating web pages.

Keyword Research:
Keywords optimize your web pages. and generally provide useful keyword tools.

Keyword Density:
It is the number of times a specific keyword appears on a page as compared to the number of words on a page.

Landing Page: Whenever you click a link to a site the first page that comes up is called the LANDING PAGE. From search engine's perspective, landing page's contents are designed in such a way so that it can achieve high search engine's relevancy ranking.

Local Search Optimization: The process of optimizing your site to rank well in a local search engines or in the Local Search Listings of the major search engines, is called LSO.  It is required if your business is GEO targeted. For example,if your business is targeted in UK then you need to optimize your site to make it rank well in

It is known as Latent Semantic Indexing.It refers to search engines ability to return results that is based upon a contextualization algorithm. It enables the search engine to understand, what words are related to other words.

Meta Tags:
Meta Description Content, Keywords and Title are used in the head section of websites. There are 50 or 60 other tags but these are the 3 most commonly used. They are very important when it comes to listing your site in Search engines.

 Niche Directory Submission:
Niche Directories include directories which list only RSS Feeds, Blogs, Scripts and Softwares, Web Hosting Companies, Web Designers, SEO Companies and other Online Businesses.By getting your site submitted to Niche Directories, you not just enjoy the core benefits of directory submission i.e. quality one way links, targeted traffic; but also get additional benefits like getting more targeted traffic.

The Open Directory Project ( is used by Google and other directory for their Directory listings. One of the best Directories to be listed in and it is free.

Using all kinds of required techniques and advantages to construct a website so as to ensure that it gets higher page ranking is called ORGANIC SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION or OSEO. In this neither paid placement service nor any illegal (black hat) SEO methods are used.

Outbound Link:
An outgoing link that goes from your web page to another site.

Page Title:
It is a descriptive text string that identifies a page.

Page Views:
The number of times the pages of your website are served or viewed as opposed to requests as this may also includes requests for images contained on your pages.

Pay Per Click.You pay a search engine to send people to your site. According to this one visitor equates to one click.

This is Google Page Rank which shows,how Google rates your web page from 1 to 10, depending on factors like content,W3C validation,Valid xhtml,CSS, links coming in and going out of the website etc. If you get ranking of 3,4 or 5 then you are doing well.

Press Release: To let the public know about your company's development, you issue public relations announcement to the media and other target publication and this is called press release.

A search for a word or term in a search engine.

This is Return on Investment related to Promoting your site,which compares your investment to your overall income from said site.

RSS Feeds: RSS equates to Really Simple Syndication, it is also referred to as web feeds or a content delivery vehicle.If you want to syndicate news and other web content, you generally use it. And the distribution of this content is called feed.RSS can also be referred to as your personal wire service.

Search Engine.It refers to any software which is used to search any database, on the Internet.It generally refers to the very large databases of Web sites that are automatically built by robots. Internet search engines use a software robot (or spider) that seeks out and index the words on Web pages.

Search engine marketing. This promotes your site by using Search Engines to get visitors to your site.

Search Engine Optimization.It creates search engine friendly page content to help your page so that you achieve a high ranking. Also called Search Engine Optimizer.

Search engine placement, positioning or promotion. Is your site number one, or on page ten in search listings.

SERP:  SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGE lists web pages in order of their relevance to the query entered.The web page that appears at the top of the results page has been selected by the search engine as the most likely to provide the content the user is seeking.

Social Bookmarking: is a list of Internet resources that may be found to be useful. The lists of information is made available to subscribers at a network or website.The links here are often listed by topic, category, tags or even randomly.And the site carrying such social bookmarking are referred to as Social Bookmarking Site.

Promoting one's Web site by keyword stuffing and many other deceptive means. The fastest way to have your web site banned from Search Engines.

These are programs that read the pages and other information of your web site in order to include the site in the search engine's index. They are called Spiders because they can visit several sites parallely and their "legs" spread over a large area on the web. Spiders are programed in such a way that they visit and reads the web sites that have been submitted or updated as 'new' by the owners. They also called "crawler " or "bot".

If you search for "painting" in a search engine that uses stemming technology then the results will even include results for the words paint, paints and painter. This is referred to as stemming.

Your Web site Statistics.

Stop Word:
These are words like as; is, am, an, for, do, was and the which the search engines generally ignore and are thought to be irrelevant. Common words such as. got, I, me, you and sometimes larger more common words like computer and Internet as searches including these words literally returns many thousands of results.

 It is the Unique Selling Proposition. It is actually an effective advertising which matches to certain advertising concepts.

Uniform Resource Locator. It is the full IP address or Domain name of your website.

White Hat: 
It is is a kind of SEO strategy that is employed to get higher page rank in the search engines. Legitimate means like keyword optimization, inclusion of unique relevant content, submission of articles with a back-links etc are employed by WHITE HAT websites and is an integral part of SEO.

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the main international standards organization for the web and web services working towards providing vision and standards for the Internet.